With your help,

we can END the crisis of canine overpopulation and homelessness in developing nations.

In India, stray dogs number in the millions and have been accused of biting millions of people each year, including children and the elderly. Thousands of these bites result in people contracting rabies. Some cases are even fatal.

In Peru and other Latin American countries, the stray dog to human ratio is estimated to be 1:2. This means that for every 2 people, there is 1 stray dog! In developing communities like that of Mancora, Peru, stray animals roam the streets living in abysmal conditions because they do not have loving homes to go to.

With your help, we will assist people and animals in developing nations/ countries. by providing the aid needed to spay, neuter, and vaccinate stray dogs and cats. We also help provide meals and shelter to furry friends in need!