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At Humane Paw Society, we believe that everyone deserves a happy, healthy, life. This is not limited to only humans, but includes our furry friends as well.
All creatures have the same needs for food, shelter, love, and adequate preventative medical treatment. Lacking in one or more of these areas can cause any living creature to engage in behavior that will make it difficult for them to fit in. Unfortunately, many strays have gotten a bad reputation which perpetuates fear of them and all but ensures that they live difficult lives.
At Humane Paw Society, we believe that all canines and felines can find a compatible human companion if given the opportunity. We have made it our mission to create this opportunity!

Our Mission:

At Humane Paw society, our mission is to provide strays with their basic needs and to alleviate the public’s fear of them. Our mission is to help put an end to mistreatment of strays.

Our Vision:

Humane Paw Society will help solve the issues related to canine and fellow homelessness and overpopulation, including feeding, housing,social,and medical inefficiencies. We will help bridge the gap between strays and the communities in which they live.

Our Values:

We at Humane Paw Society believe that every canine and feline deserves a loving home and that meeting the basic needs of strays, brings them closer to finding their compatible, human family.

Our Impact:

With your help, we will continue to feed and shelter stray animals in the United States and in developing nations. We provide preventative treatments including vaccinations which prevents some diseases transferred between animals and zoonotic infections which can be passed on to humans. We also spay and neuter strays to help lessen the burden that overpopulation places upon animals and people alike.